local death VIEWS. And are not able to know who they belong to. If memory plays an essential role in shaping us, then the truth is that memory is by its very nature a partial thing, and only media such as images, sound and texts enable us to keep and remember our past. Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition! The French blockchain project’s IDO will take place for the end on May on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition, followed by a listing on a platform yet to be announced […] Indeed, although the digital age allowed to transcend sharing our memories. The flows in purple correspond to the steps of the journey operating on the Ternoa Blockchain: The Ternoa Blockchain is based on the Substrate framework and the Polkadot Blockchain developed by Parity Technologies. Intel® SGX secure enclaves. Which historian has not been amazed to find the archive dating from the 17th century allowing him to better understand the reign of Louis XIV? The supports also give the possibility of passing the memories on to the … Eliott Teissonniere - Blockchain Architect, Locked for 3 months, 40% on first release, then equal parts of 8,5% over a total of 6 months​, Locked for 1 month after listing, 13% per month on the first 3 months, then equal parts of 5% over a total of 15 months​, 15% at listing, 6% per month on the first 4 months, then equal parts of 8% over a total of 13 months​, Locked for 6 months, 10% on first release, then equal parts of 11% over a total of 9 months​, 10% at listing, then equal parts of 11% over a total of 9 months, Locked for 24 months, 2% on first release, then equal parts of 2% over a total of 60 months, Locked for 10 months, 8% on first release, then equal parts of 8% over a total of 12 months, Locked for 6 months, 2% on first release, then equal parts of 2% over a total of 48 months, Locked for 12 months, 3% on first release, then equal parts of 3% over a total of 36 months, Locked for 3 months, 2% on first release, then equal parts of 2% over a total of 48 months, Locked for 18 months, 2% on first release, then equal parts of 2% over a total of 60 months. Designed to store and eventually transmit data in a secure way, Ternoa uses the state-of-the-art technology to secure the contents and the proper triggering of data transfers. Centrifuge‘s Parachain Launch Strategy. Nominators select the right Validators to delegate the management of the CAPS that they wish to lock. IBM (10) ESG (5) AWS (5) HPE (5) Gartner (4) 451 Research (4) IDC (3) NetApp (3) White Paper. For the tests, the distance between the sensor and the water was set to different values between 11 … She schedules a backup capsule that will be sent to Bob if she does not connect for 3 days. Addition of this document on the file server and modification of the tree. *: Listing: Q2 of 2021. digital safe that can Ternoa makes copies of files stored in time The user defines a number of days before sending the capsule. White Paper: Embracing Zero Trust in a Global... View. the external queue comprising of a single proposal that comes from one of the external origins (such as a collective group). Ternoa aims to become a Polkadot Parachain and benefits the reliability and technology of the ecosystem. Figure 3.2: the Evo Mini sensor placed above the water surface of a fish tank Figure 3.3: test setup In normal conditions, the distance between the sensor and the water is expected to vary between 5 and 15 cm. Short about: Raze Network. Adding a message Adding a message consists of: Encrypting a file (json/base64/media) with the symmetric key. Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition! ‘Trusted Friend’ is a M-of-N social recovery module that allows users to access their accounts in case of loss of the private key or other authentication mechanism. 1: Functional diagram of how the Ternoa Blockchain is used by the Ternoa Application. The user can store data on the Ternoa Blockchain for a defined period of time, and can access it at any time. This process is designed to maximize the security relating to the retention of the data entrusted by the The Ternoa Blockchain is designed to be a Parachain of the Polkadot network. The announcement has just been made on Ternoa’s social media channels! The White Paper does not in any way constitute a recommendation (personalized or not) to buy, sell or arbitrate CAPS tokens, and should in no way be interpreted as such. Fill in your email to stay informed of upcoming announcements. A Blockchain infrastructure loyal to the essence of the technology: open source, decentralized and democratic; A service that is accessible and usable by the general public by focusing on user experiences optimized around everyday man-machine interfaces: web and mobile applications. The particularity of NPOS is based on a selection process of validators who are authorized to participate in the consensus protocol and is therefore similar to the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) used in particular by the Tezos Blockchain. Ternoa provides Fig. There are two different queues to which a proposal can be added, before it becomes a referendum: The Coin Capsule is the token of the Ternoa Blockchain. will be used to manage smart contracts. The oracle becomes aware of it and transfers the capsule to its beneficiaries. The group of Bob, Christelle and Diane are designated as authorized to send the capsule. Notifications Star 12 Fork 3 12 stars 3 forks Star Notifications Code; Issues 0; Pull requests 0; Actions; Projects 0; Wiki; Security; Insights; main. He advised notably the ICO of Peculium (€ 9m) and sits on the Board of Linkcy. Polkadot was created by Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum. 2. Ternoa uses NFTs as time capsules. Coin Discovery; Golden coffee; The Before; Scams & Arnaques; Nos partenaires; Contact; CGV; Coin market cap; Se connecter ; Accueil. Graduate of ESCP, he is the author of the book "Blockchain, vers de nouvelles chaînes de valeur (Blockchain, towards new value chains)" (Edition Eyrolles) and teaches courses on the strategic challenges of blockchain at the University of Paris Dauphine and at the Ecole Polytechnique. White Paper. The Ternoa Blockchain uses NFTs as “time capsules”. All. Eventually, four protocols will trigger the transmission of information: The flows in blue correspond to the "off-chain" steps completed when creating and sending time capsules. It is above all their sustainability in the long term which makes default. These conditions are managed by the protocols set out below. This marketplace is based on the SubstraPunk project and allows any creator to have the opportunity to offer and sell TERNOA-compatible NFTs. The user has a time limit to oppose it. This is a promotional article written in collaboration with Ternoa. Transactions made on the Ternoa blockchain are settled in Capsule Coins, namely: The volume of demand for NFTs on the one hand, and for their storage over time on the other hand, are the two factors of appreciation for Capsule Coin in secondary markets. One of the criticisms often made of the POW is the large consumption of energy that it requires to maintain the network security since it generates a kind of arms race among the network nodes to get more computing power. ICOs 6,635. year, 10 years, which The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Gist Vile.com journalists. By definition, these have an equivalent property and each one has an individual name. at any time. Capsule Corp. will develop its own application called "Application Ternoa" from the SDK, in the description of this use case. In case the phone is changed or lost, the user once connected to his wallet will be able to reimport and decrypt the shard. Our NFTs pictures are watermarked. The possibility to connect to other Blockchains to be able to store the data on specialized infrastructures. capsule-corp-ternoa / white-paper. RAZE. Blockchain allowing users to purchase customized Time Capsules. Use Case: Ternoa Temporal Capsules. Ternoa Token ICO Get full information about Ternoa Token - ICO details, Rating, (CACO) Token price, White paper, Team and more. Ternoa makes copies of files stored in time capsules on Aerweave, Sia and Storj, while keeping a copy of the original data on its own network. Live roadmap, White paper. L’internationalisation de Ternoa est en route : ces deux nouveaux partenaires qui font la différence ; La cryptomonnaie inutile en folie – Le nombre de « millionnaires du Dogecoin » double en 2 semaines ; Manipulation de marché : 33 % des ETH contrôlés par 376 adresses ; Bitfinex : un pre-whitepaper pour l’IEO à 1 milliard de $ Fidelity : l’investissement institutionnel … owner privileges. The Ternoa Application allows to create "Time Capsules" to encrypt, store, and transfer data in a secure way, and in a long time. The French blockchain project’s IDO will take place for the end on May on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition , followed by a listing on a platform yet to be announced by the Ternoa team. recipient (s). The management of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) which acts as a time capsule and allows the management of time capsules; Provision the servers that host the data to ensure that they are remunerated for the rental of storage space over the long term. This protocol is based on Since the creation of the Bitcoin protocol in 2008, two validation methods are currently in competition: proof of work (Proof-of-Work abbreviated as POW) linked to the principle of mining and provision of computing power by validation nodes to solve a mathematical problem, often hash tables; and the proof of stake (Proof-of-Stake abbreviated as POS) linked to the principle of staking, which means that the nodes must prove that they have in their possession a certain quantity of crypto-currency and put it pledged on the network. 1 month, 1 Submit ICO / Airdrop ★ Get Promotion. As we mentioned previously, only the recipients of the capsule are able to decipher it. Smart contracts allow functions to be performed on the blockchain and offer the possibility for the community to develop applications on the Ternoa blockchain. May 5, 2021 The textual content beneath is an advertorial article that was not … Memories are an essential part of who we are. Memories are therefore precious goods that we must be able to treat as such. The use of delegated proof of stake (Nominated-Proof-of-Stake abbreviated to NPOS) to validate transactions and thus securing the data. It will be the same for the capsule, it will be composed of the files that make up the messages. The French blockchain project’s IDO will take place for the end on May on DAO Maker and … Your e-mail address has been successfully subscribed! The application that allows to send capsules and manage your CAPS by using a cryptographic wallet. or via a specialized HSM service (Amazon, Google). Fig. When the solution is found, each machine checks its accuracy, and the new block is validated. The D-Day Protocol to store and send data on a specified date. And will only be available in some eligible countries at first. encrypted and segmented data. Substrate is a project led by Jutta Steiner, former Chief-Of-Security of the Ethereum foundation, and a team of more than 60 developers around the world. registries APIs. This shard can be encrypted and saved on different cloud services: mobile Cloud, dropbox, etc... And it can be exported in TXT format. decentralized Oracle solutions. This process is designed to maximize the security relating to the retention of the data entrusted by the user to Ternoa, since the file is encrypted and fragmented in several places. Faced with the limitations and constraints of POW, POS was designed to solve the problem of POW energy consumption. All accounts can have an unlimited number of sub-accounts specified. ex: Alice manages the Wallet of a large SME. The society Capsules Corp., which develops the blockchain Ternoa, has just released a solution to store and transmit, securely, your precious souvenirs. will reset to zero on each update. 0. The same goes for the listing, which was supposed to take place in … Market Place on Polkadot Who hasn't been moved by re-watching the video of their wedding? Total Supply: 2 500 000 000 CAPS (2.5 billion). She prepares a capsule for her and for him with all the necessary elements inside: tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Masternodes in NPoS hold parts of Shamir without ever holding all of the keys. (…) Media such as images, sound and texts allow us to fix … The aforementioned interoperability, enabled by the Substrate framework as well as the Polkadot Our team is growing, check this out : www.ternoa.com. Bonjour et bienvenue, dans cette première … Les avantages d’une IDO sur Dao Maker et Ignition PAID : DAO Maker est une plateforme incontournable d’IDO sélectionnant avec attention les projets présents sur son site. Ternoa Democratizes The Blockchain and Revolutionizes NFTs. Solution Sheet (48) Video (30) Webinar (24) Analyst Report (23) Case Study (18) White Paper (12) Competitive Analysis (1) Article (1) Company. On the other hand, if the network notices that a Validator is trying to validate or produce erroneous information, it is sanctioned and all or part of the locked CAPS are removed. White Paper… Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Sponsor CryptoTrader: 🔴Receive 20% Off Your CryptoTrader.Tax Report https://cryptotrader.tax?fpr=cryptosrus the ecosystem with the full featured NFT platform. cover, making it even more desirable to obtain. While Nakamoto is clearly the most famous anonymous crypto moniker, in the early days there were many other mysterious individuals scattered throughout the blockchain environment. Capsule Corp. will develop its own application called … If no update is performed within the allotted time, the Each masternode is independent and has no knowledge of the data of the other Masternodes. Decentralized storage. *: TGE: February 26th of 2021 The most common NFTs are ERC721. capsules on (…) Media such as images, sound and texts allow us to fix and remember what we have been. Could not load branches . Co-founder and CTO of several start-ups, Mickael has designed and developed various smart contracts on Ethereum: addressing general assemblies (SYMENT), hashing (contractchain V2) and probative value archiving (OVERHEADS). What is Raze? White paper: TeraRanger One Performance Over Water Terabee is an of f i cial CER N Technology Pa rt ner: 01630 Saint-Genis-Pouilly Proprietary & Conf i dent i al Phone: +33 (0)6 81 28 70 24 Email: info@terabee.com Web: www.terabee.com www.teraranger.com Address: Terabee, Technoparc 90 Rue Henri Fabre France Document version: 1.0 She appears in the death register. Blue Planet Ecosystems - Terabee white paper - October 2020 4 . The announcement has just been made on Ternoa’s social media channels! Ternoa offers Capsule Coins holders to be actors of the network and to have a decision-making power regarding blockchain governance: developments, partners, protocols, etc. Smart Contract which allows you to activate a countdown before sending a capsule. This is a fair version, 100% distributed to the community, with No team shares, No Pre-mine. Who has never felt great joy in randomly rereading a few lines from their college diary? (…) les supports tels que … Powered by. In late 2008, an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin white paper on Halloween. This solution is the most advantageous in terms of security and resilience of the model since the files are stored on several different infrastructures ensuring that at least one copy of the preserved data is always available. For several weeks, Ternoa’s active community has been eagerly awaiting the chance to participate in the project before the official arrival of CAPS, its token, on the market. The other shards will be stored on the Masternodes. Prior to sending a time capsule, the user must provision their Coin Capsule wallet and must purchase a Ternoa compatible NFT. On the first version, the RUST language (via INK!) sponsored How will you be sure that your recollections and personal information are transmitted reliably to the long run? Send capsules choosing different protocols for specific use cases. A threshold (M) of N friends is necessary to allow another account to access the recoverable account. Analyses du marché. https://www.ternoa.com/ https://t.me/ternoadiscussions https://github.com/capsule-corp-ternoa/white-paper/blob/main/white-paper-en.md. Raze, a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for DeFi that recently completed seed round funding with such investors as SigNum Capital, AU21 Capital, CMS Master Ventures and others. Our network uses top decentralized storage providers (SIA, Arweave, Filecoin) to ensure the long term TERA | SMART MONEY SEITE | 1 TERA PLATFORM Yuriy Ivanov (Vtools) 05 February 2019 года progr76@gmail.com (draft ver: 0.3) If you see blue text below - it means this part is not read and may be incorrectly translated, and so we need the help Examples of the use of these protocols have been detailed in chapter “2. Capsule Corp. released a document (the “White Paper”) presenting the Ternoa project (the “Ternoa Project”). Sponsor PrimeXBT: 🔴Receive 50% Deposit Bonus Using Code: CryptosRUs http://bit.ly/3uIQrZW. Not wishing to indicate his identity, he creates a capsule with a 1-year countdown. The recovery process is protected by trusted “friends” which the original account owner chooses. Resource Type: White Paper. Resources. ex: Alice wants to prepare a capsule for Bob who has to go abroad on January 17, 2021. The good news is that the IDO, initially scheduled for June, has had its date brought forward to the end of May. Projects DeFi Airdrops Promotion Marks news Watchlist (0) Projects ★ DeFi; Airdrops ★ … And enabling it to become «the main provider of oracles for all Substrate-based blockchains and, ultimately, for the entire Polkadot network». Un gage de qualité réduisant les risques pour les investisseurs. A business model of the native token of the Ternoa Blockchain offering investors a clear, fair and directly correlated value creation trajectory to the success of the project. Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition! The primary shard is transferred “Off-Chain” via various vectors: from the mobile application, from a physical medium (ledger, etc.) Interestingly, Satoshi Nakamoto labored on the Bitcoin project publicly for 25 months and 13 days, all whereas having the ability to stay fully nameless. Rather than asking miners to perform energy-intensive calculations whose results are useless, users make themselves eligible for block validation by owning a certain amount of the cryptocurrency. Toutes les œuvres hébergées sur la SecretNFT Marketplace sont ainsi certifiées sur la blockchain Ternoa pour éviter toute falsification. Ternoa network to communicate with dex storage blockchains. Pour bien comprendre la philosophie du projet Ternoa, rien de mieux que de rapporter ici un extrait de leur white paper (disponible en français) : « Les souvenirs constituent une part essentielle de ce que nous sommes. He has the possibility to reset the countdown as many times as he wants. You signed in with another tab or window. Thanks to its rapid development, as well as the support from its partners and growing community, Ternoa was able to push forward the schedule, including the listing, by 3 months. Cette plateforme représente le 1er test grandeur nature de la blockchain Ternoa, tous les NFTs présents sur SecretNFT Marketplace étant hébergés sur le Chaos Net, un testnet de Ternoa. Only the owner can access it before the transmission protocol is triggered. integrity of the The creation of Smart Contracts in order to create the different protocols allowing data to be transmitted/to transmit the data. Functional diagram of NFTs transmission on the Ternoa Blockchain. Ceci est un article promotionnel écrit en collaboration avec Ternoa. After a given period of time, recipients are entitled to request access to the time capsule Any Capsule Coins holder in the system can vote on referendums. Lead Blockchain Architect at Nodle, Eliott has also developed the first marriages dApp on Ethereum, and is the co-holder of several patents related to the blockchain technology. Fig. It has become the validation method for many new blockchains and has recently gained in popularity with its adoption by Ethereum for its version 2.0, not without debate within the community. Type. Basically, Chainlink helps ensure that certain terms and conditions in with Computer Science from the University of Osaka, Mickaël is a blockchain lecturer and teaches development courses on Ethereum at the Wild Code School. The creator of the world’s first profitable blockchain community has been an enigma ever since the mysterious inventor launched the white paper over 12 years in the past. The paradox of the last few decades is to have succeeded in democratizing, thanks to digital technology, the production of memory-supports in an almost unlimited way, while at the same time having failed to offer solutions to preserve them over time. In this transaction validation system, there are Validators and Nominators that secure the Ternoa Blockchain in a complementary way. Grâce à leur développement rapide, la confiance de leurs partenaires et de leur communauté Ternoa a pu avancer le calendrier initialement prévu et également la date du listing de 3 mois. How can we be sure that this video of myself, stored in some cloud, will be transmitted in 30 years, or after my death, to a loved one? Thus, the Ternoa Blockchain redirects the files to be stored to other Blockchains specialized in decentralized storage such as Storj, Sia or Arweave. l. “Wireless Terahertz System Applications for Networks Beyond 5G” March 2019 Substrate is a development environment created to facilitate the creation of Blockchains thanks to a modular architecture that allows to considerably reduce the development cost and time of a Blockchain. The ecosystem formed by the Substrate framework and the Polkadot Blockchain stood out in 2020 as the first project not based on the Ethereum Blockchain to integrate Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network solution. the management of The white paper. The use of the POW for Blockchain networks is consubstantial to Bitcoin since it is the latter's validation method. Polkadot parachains full of promise, but lack of launch date raises concern; Home/cryptocurrency/ Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition! Validators lock (stack) CAPS and participate in the development of the transaction validation consensus. Home; Team; NFT-Based Decentralized Data Transmission Blockchain. Have a look! Ternoa Chain. blockchain in Thus, Dapps can be created and can use these transfer protocols. TERRANOVA’s WHITE PAPERS. Branches Tags. Join us on Telegram 🇬🇧 . CENTRIFUGE. does not use his veto. ex: Bob wishes to give Alice his Ledger keys so that she can manage his crypto currencies after his death. March 5, 2021. in News. From the point of view of the Ternoa Blockchain, a capsule creation consists of: Non-fungible token (NFT) The Non-fungible-token module provides basic functions to create and manage NFTs such as create_class, transfer, mint, burn, destroy_class. A Software Development Kit (SDK) to facilitate the development of mobile or Web applications making the Blockchain Ternoa accessible to all use cases. The announcement has just been made on Ternoa’s social media channels! user to Ternoa, Former CTO of BitNation (project awarded by UNESCO in 2017), Eliott is also a mentor at the Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator, and intervened at Paris Blockchain Week, and at the Stanford Blockchain Conference. cryptocurrency Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on … The Democracy module manages the administration of the general stakeholder vote. 0 704 3 minutes read. The Ternoa Blockchain is based on NPoS which is a variant of POS.
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